His Words Flood My Soul With Peace
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When My Heart is Overwhelmed is 365 days of inspirational, comforting, and joyful words designed to shed light on the path that the Lord has laid before us, guiding readers through turbulent times.


The inspiration for Shearon’s current and past works was born from years of walking and talking with Christ in both her personal life and professional life.  Daily conversations with the Lord searching for answers to the various trials and tribulations in her life, led the Holy Spirit to speak prophetic words to Shearon, which moved her to share these messages of love, hope, devotion, inspiration, and joy with those who seek to be closer to the Lord and grow stronger in their faith.


Shearon sees her new devotional as a must-have for anyone looking to grow closer to the Lord, but especially for those who may need comfort in the face of difficult times. By reading the messages in this devotional and trusting in the Lord, readers can discover the path that the Lord wishes them to take to overcome adversity.


When My Heart is Overwhelmed is available online in both paperback and e-book formats on Amazon. To learn more about Shearon or to purchase When My Heart is Overwhelmed or her previous devotionals, visit





“When My Heart Is Overwhelmed” is a 365-day, word of encouragement devotional, that will minister to you and help you to count it all joy by reminding you that even when you feel overwhelmed, the Lord will lead you on the path you should take.  This daily devotional contains prophetic words the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart day by day as I spent time with Him. These words have encouraged me when I felt like giving up, inspired me to stop having a pity-party and fight for what Christ has given me. They reminded me that I am more than an overcomer through Christ Jesus. I pray that reading this devotional will strengthen your faith; remind you of who you are in Christ Jesus and reiterate, there is nothing the enemy can do that will catch God by surprise. I pray it will cause you to see the light of the Lord’s goodness during the struggles that you’re going through.


As you read and meditate on the words in this devotional, I encourage you to take some time to listen to what the “Still Small Voice” ministers to you. Many have shared with me that the words minister to them and address the situations they are enduring on that day.  Perhaps the Holy Spirit will share a word with you that will minister to you and allow you to encourage others and inspire them to spend time in His presence, learning to hear His still small voice as you have.  


A word received under the anointing of the Holy Spirit is timeless and will bless your spirit no matter when you read it.  This is why scripture is always relevant, it is the inspired word of God, and will never go away.  Whatever word He gives you, I am sure it will bring you comfort and remind you the Lord was there with you all the time. I am confident His word will reveal to you, there is nothing God won't do for a heart that’s completely surrendered to Him. Therefore, when your heart is overwhelmed, trust in Him completely, and He will lead you to the Rock. The Lord wants to speak to you personally and fellowship with you intimately and remind you as He did David, that no matter your situation; when your heart is overwhelmed, He knows the path you should take.  All we must do is trust Him.

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God still speaks to us. Often it is a quiet whisper, a gentle nudge, a hunch we seem to have. As we look back at our journeys, we notice the places where the Lord has spoken to us, guiding us and encouraging us to press on. Maybe we haven’t always listened to that “Still Small Voice,” but He has been there the whole time, speaking words of encouragement to our spirits. If your faith is dwindling, and sometimes you find it difficult to keep looking up, then you have found the right book.

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