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This inspirational book shares Christian perspectives on how women should prepare their minds, bodies, and souls for the love they deserve


For those looking to find love or continue to strengthen love in their current relationships, Minister Shearon Hurst offers some sage advice: true, godly love is something that takes time to prepare for, give, and receive.


In her fourth book, Love is Looking for You…Are You Ready? Shearon delivers advice backed by biblical references and stories to help women open up their hearts, minds, and souls to the Holy Spirit as they look to kickstart or enhance their love lives.


Describing the contents of her book as “a source of good housekeeping,” Shearon sees her book as an essential guide to preparing to find and accept the love Jesus Christ has waiting for us all.


Spanning topics from the qualities of a virtuous woman to how to focus on enhancing the inner beauty and strength necessary in long-lasting, godly relationships, Love is Looking for You helps women navigate the challenges of today’s complex world while adhering to Christ’s principles.


Love is Looking for You has been met with praise from critics across the globe. As Tom Siebert, writer and Christian editor, notes, “Minister Shearon Hurst has written an important book for Christian women and men singles alike. Love Is Looking for You…Are You Ready? is entertaining, cleverly written, revealing, healing, and ultimately helpful. Her main message: Get right with God and He will lead you to your Mister or Miss Right.


Love is Looking for You…Are You Ready? is available online as paperback and e-book on Amazon. To learn more about Minister Shearon Hurst or to purchase this book or any of her other titles, visit


Love Is Looking for You…Are You Ready? is filled with true and encouraging stories inspired by the Holy Spirit, to help a woman prepare herself to receive the right kind of love.  Oftentimes, we ask the Lord to bless us or send us a husband, when most of the time we truly are not prepared to receive the man God has lovingly prepared for us.  In other words, we need to get our house (our lives) in order so we can be ready to receive the love we have been asking, praying, declaring, and decreeing God to send into our lives. This book will cover some of the issues women might face while waiting for that special person to come into their lives.  We will discuss issues such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, children, looking for men, and getting our houses in order.

To receive the love we desire, the first thing we should do is to make sure that we are prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually to receive this remarkable man BEFORE the Lord sends him to us.

Ladies, before we say “I DO” to the man we are going to marry, we need to make sure we have all our “I DON’TS” out of the way.  For example, if we don’t like cooking, don’t like cleaning, DON’T like washing clothes, and don’t like getting up early, then we shouldn’t ask God to bless us with a husband because all these things are extremely important in married life.  So, I strongly suggest that we get all our “I DON’TS” out of the way.

Ladies, aren’t you tired of looking for love in all the wrong places?  Aren’t you tired of always being the giver in the relationship? Don’t you want a love created and designed precisely for you?  Oh, where is the love? Well, come on and get your hearts ready to receive the love God is preparing just for you. 


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