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Inspiring Poems from Followers




Dear Shearon,


I will tell you what I see when I see you and the mighty messages I open every morning!

I see a blessed woman that God is opening the windows of heaven over to pour out His favor

I see a woman whose cup runs over with love and prosperity

I see a woman whose end is better than her beginning

I see a woman who is being paid back double for what she has lost

I see a woman who is the apple of Gods eye

I see a woman who is a mighty conqueror.

I see a woman delivered out of all her afflictions

I see a woman receiving the desires of her heart.

I see a woman whose name is being made great because she honors the Lord.

I see a woman whose crooked places are being made straight.

I see a woman who is blessed and cannot be cursed.


Yes ma’am! God is still on the throne and it is time for your barn load of blessings to be released from God! I hope you have prepared a place big enough to keep it all.


I, Rene Williams declare this over you today and encourage you Shearon to keep on trucking through your storm and expect a miracle today.


You are blessed and favored and touch so many of us with His light through your faithfulness and perseverance.  Thank you thank you thank you on behalf of us all who you lift up each day. 


Keep Doing It Victoriously Always - DIVA style!

Renee Williams







 A seed that is yet to be seen in it's all

As it is cared for by the water of life

It's stem starts budding in the dark of night

Though time continues as each day passes by​​

The soil is reared by the hands in the sky

Weeks and months have come and gone

Life has sprouted on a fresh spring morn​​

​Spring has now come with her flowers full bloo​​m

Colors so beautiful like the sun in June

Afflictions endured yet still holds form

Defeating adversity and all of it's storms

Now fully matured in beauty and scent

Compressed yet yielding sweet fragrances

So tender and yet so strong in the darkest hour

God has now made you that beautiful flower

May He continue to water you beloved Shearon

In Christ Love,

Harry Allan Smith

©The Ready Writer's Pen


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