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People  see  me  as  a  successful  journalist...a  woman  who  actually  owns  a broadcasting company....and this is true. I am also a wife, mother and grandmother. However, no matter how blessed a life one may appear to have there are those times when sadness and hopelessness surround us.  Life  seemed  abundant  to  me  until  the  day  my  former  business  (a  magazine publishing company) came to a screeching halt. My business crashed and my home came close to foreclosure and I thought life could not get any worse. It could get worse... my mother died! I was on my knees begging God for an answer...for salvation when the third punch daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. It is easy to be faithful when times are good and it is normal to beg for help when they are bad. What is the most difficult is to stay strong, hopeful, and inspired when there just doesnʹt seem to be an answer. During the darkest night of my soul, when I doubted my worth and my strength an email message was forwarded to me. It was a simple message encouraging me not to give up. I hung onto these words like a man overboard hangs onto a life raft. In time, I contacted the author and asked to be included in her daily


Reading Shearon Hurstʹs compassionate interpretations of Biblical verses filled my heart and I began sharing them with more and more people including my daughter who is still alive today (beyond the odds).What is so significant is there have been so many occasions that Shearon’s message comes at the exact moment of a struggle and speaks to the exact issue pressing on my heart and that of my if she had read our minds. We believe this to be the divine inspiration. I will be forever grateful to Shearon for being the wind beneath my broken wings. I

canʹt imagine how many people there must be that her words have touched, how many lives saved. If there are living angels among us most assuredly Shearon is one of them. --Barbara Beach, Radioactive Broadcasting





I highly recommend Shh! God Is Trying To Tell You Something as an extraordinary resource for those wanting to increase and enhance their relationship to our Father and Creator. This book is at once a devotional, relational, encouraging, and instructive work, which delivers on a daily bases, His love, wisdom and direction. I also found “God’s Trying To Tell You Something” to be Christ centered, using God’s word as its foundation and source. No matter how long you have been in Christ, or what your level of Christian maturity might be, you will be sure to benefit from spending regular time within these pages. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord is going to this book to touch many lives for Christʹs glory.  - Bishop Gary Earls, Founder and President/Risen Scepter Ministries International




I found Shearon Hurst’s devotional journal extremely refreshing and uplifting. Shearon’s  daily  words of  encouragement  are  perfect  for  anyone  that may  be  either struggling with life’s constant challenges or are suffering through a painful loss. I assure you, that once you begin reading these words of encouragement, your faith and your strength will be renewed and you will be ready to persevere!

--Cam Tribolet, Author of Dead 13 Times




I think the materials in this book will inspire you and ignite your spiritual consciousness. Itʹs like having spiritual dynamite in your hands for an entire year! My heart skipped two beats upon first glance of what this beautiful; solid devotional book offers. Itʹs filled with encouraging scriptures, meditation journaling, and powerful daily devotionals. I believe this journal will make available to you; up‐to ‐the‐minute experiences of what God is trying to tell you.  Praise God, Queen Shearon D. Hurst has done it again! 
--Denise Campbell Mays, M.A. /Image/Fashion Jewelry Consultant




For many years not only have Shearon Hurst and I been brothers and sisters in Christ, we have been dear friends. As a guest on Sister Shearonʹs radio program and a Christian physician, we have worked together towards healing the spirit, mind, and body of fellow Christian soldiers.

In our daily struggles as Christian soldiers, words of comfort and inspiration are much needed. As I read and pray for guidance and comfort each day, I find her inspirational messages fulfill me with the living food I need at that moment. Her writings, through her divine connection with God, minister your spirit and reaffirm the presence of the Lord in your life. You will truly be blessed with these words of comfort and inspiration. Give them as gifts and truly let the word of the Lord go forth. - George Tompkins, DO Spirit Medical Family Practice, Van Buren, AR




I had been in somewhat of a spiritual slump when I was asked to review Shh! God Is Trying to Tell You Something: Speak Lord, I’m Listening, the new devotional journal by Christian author Shearon Hurst. Well, it was just what the Great Physician ordered to heal me from the blues and rekindle my passion to perform Godʹs work and will. In a voice that is divinely inspired, Shearon writes a daily love letter from God, cites spot‐on Scriptures, and then leaves room for readers to write how they can become better obedient to His word and thereby receive the blessings that were designed just for them. Two thumbs up for this inspiring work––followed by both hands held high in praise of the Lord Jesus Christ.

--Tom Siebert, Christian Editor Connection



I love a good devotional; it sets my day off right and gives me something to think about throughout the day. I also love to journal and I appreciate that Godʹs Trying To Tell You Something encourages journaling and gives you room to jot down some thoughts. Shearon has done a great job including monthly themes and a well‐written short devotional for each day of the year. Itʹs as if God is speaking directly to you, but then she encourages you to read scripture and journal what youʹve heard. So, itʹs guided meditation at its best—utilizing the word of God directly.  I highly recommend using Godʹs Trying To Tell You Something as your daily devotional‐‐I know youʹll grow closer to God.  
-Katara Washington Patton, Founder and Executive Editor, Esteem Publishing




How would you like to meet Jesus? Read Shearon’s book. Shearon hears God, then repeats what He says. She portrays Jesus just like He is: [He is] the epitome of beauty, [He] loves you deeply, and [He is] truth and all grace. The words dazzle you; they are radiant. Her heart beats as one with the Almighty. Feel the warmth of His smile. Her words are waves of the love of God for you.

--Reverend Lana Garner‐Wiley, God’s View TV Show (Dallas/Fort Worth)




Psalm 139:7‐8 Promises: “Whither shall I go from Thy Spirit? Or, whither shall I flee from Thy Presence? If I ascend up into heaven, Thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, Thou art there.ʺ

I am in absolute awe after only reading a small sample of your new book, “God is Trying   to   Tell   You   Somethingʺ.   I   was   taken   into   HIS   PRESENCE   and ENCOURAGED just by your ʺOpening Prayerʺ!Your anointing is powerful and obvious in your writings. Every time, I read one of your encouragements, it opens my heart and fills my soul with hope. I am forever, encouraged! I know that each encouragement is dated, but I am here to say, any page you turn to, will bless your heart! I am so GRATEFUL --Lynda H. Stanard/ʺBearing Great Giftsʺ




Minister Shearon Hurst has done it again! Her latest book, Shh! God Is Trying to Tell You Something: Speak Lord, I’m Listening, is another masterpiece of communication giving us a direct line to Godʹs heart. The most beautiful aspect is, through the devotional journal, we get a two way conversation. We speak back to God in His language, which truly completes the circle of love. The truth gets firmly planted in our spirit and empowers us in our daily walk. What a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family!

--Rene Williams, The Faith DIVA (Doing It Victoriously Always!)



I  am  strongly  endorsing  the  inspirational  writings  of  Shearon  Hurst,  simply because I believe that she is one of many voices/writers and the few that are chosen to express Godʹs love and grace to the multitudes around the globe. Shearon is the pen that is inked by The Holy Spirit to minister to her vast audience of readers today. She consistently flows in the in the Spirit with answers to the hardest questions that many are faced with in these difficult times. She has impacted and influenced my life in ways that can only be attributed to God Himself.  I highly recommend this dear anointed spirit soul writer anointed and appointed by God. Whosoever has ears to hear, then let him hear and read Shh.. God Is Trying To Tell You Something . .-Harry A. Smith, Author/Poet of the Ready Writers Pen






This book has so touched me. I really feel our Heavenly father is trying to talk to me. It's a daily devotional which makes you look at different scriptures, too. Then you can write a small journal entry. What is God trying to tell you? Have you been hearing His still voice? Talk about a blessing. It reminds me of Jesus calling and God calling daily devotionals. I have started keeping a prayer journal. God talks to us in different ways - through the Bible first, then through other people, books, in our hearts, and even through animals. You never know. Just Be Still and know He is God... It can be anywhere, whether at home, the bathroom (that's my prayer room) at work, in your car, the park. He calls to us all, but it's up to us if we want to listen to our Heavenly Daddy.





After purchasing her first book, "Where Peaceful Waters Flow", I had to purchase Minister Shearon's latest book. Praise the Lord, the Father has blessed her again!!! I love that this one is a 365 day devotional journal, and how there is an introduction for each month. Since reading her devotionals, I truly feel my relationship with the Lord has grown. Her writing has caused me to seek a more intimate relationship with the Lord. I am so grateful for this devotional, and I am telling all my friends who need a word from the Lord to get a copy of this book! I can't wait to see what the Lord is going do through her next. God bless you Minister Shearon. – Denise









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