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Devotions to Build Your Trust


God's plan is for us to trust completely in Him for all of our needs. He wants us to continually acknowledge Him and stay in close fellowship with Him at all times. He wants us to trust Him for everything. This is stated clearly in Proverbs 3:5-7, when He said, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."


Anytime we put our trust in anyone other than our Lord and Saviour, we will be let down. In Psalms 118:8, it says, "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Others will try to keep their promises to you; but God is the only One who will never let you down. God cannot and will not lie. When God makes a promise, you do not have to worry; it is done. He watches over His word to perform it. His word cannot return to Him void. You can depend upon Him to see it through.


In Isaiah 55:11 He says, “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it”


We must maintain a close fellowship with the Lord. And in order to do that we must be obedient to His Word and stay the course He has placed us on. We should trust Him and know that He cares about what we are going through and will not ever fail. Even when you cannot see how things are going to work out, you must trust and believe that He is working things out for your good. Remember our trust should always be in God. He can do anything but fail.



Prayer for Peace over Worry


Heavenly Father,

I come to you in Your Son Jesus name asking you to please forgive me for allowing worry and anxiety to take root in my life. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ against the spirit of fear, oppression, and depression; and I declare, and decree that I do not have a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I will not allow the enemy to rob me of my peace anymore. I will trust in Your word. I surrender my will to You and you alone. I give You complete control, and I recognize You are greater than any fear my mind can conceive. Oh Father, by worrying I am displaying an obvious lack of faith, and I know without faith it is impossible to please You. Father, it is my desire to please you in all that I do. So right now I give You the weight of the world that I have taken on my shoulders, and I place it all in Your hands; I cast all my cares upon You, because I know You care for me.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I bind and cast out every anxious and worrisome thought out of my life, and I bind my heart, my soul and my mind to the Holy Spirit. I ask you to please let Your mind be in me as it is in Christ Jesus. I take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and I lose the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding that would guard my heart and mind through Christ Jesus into my life. Oh Lord, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.


Father, You promise to keep me in perfect peace, if I keep my mind on you, and if I trust in You. I make this my declaration to You; I will fix all my thoughts on You because I trust in You. Thank You Father for delivering me from worry and for binding, every stronghold of the enemy coming against me and casting them out. Lord, I thank You for allowing me to rest in this confidence knowing You are for me and with me. And knowing You are for me and with me, I know there is nothing I will face today that You cannot see me through. I know there is no power greater than You. I can rest in Your arms because there is nothing strong enough to come against me and succeed. I praise You for this victory, and for Your divine peace that floods my soul. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.




Do You Trust Me?


My Child,

Please place your trust in Me. I know there are things you are going through which you do not understand. However, I want you to know I have everything under control. Don’t you  know I saw this day coming before you were born? I have all things in My hand, and there is nothing for you to fear. I am here, and I am aware of all that concerns you. I see the things which trouble your mind. Why will not you release those things to Me, and cease struggling? I desire your complete surrender, and My child, I want it now. Oh, I know it is hard, especially when you are used to doing everything yourself. Now, I am asking you to trust Me; really trust Me to take care of it all. Do you trust Me? Can you trust Me? I trust you. Yes, I trust you. I can say that because I made you, and I know all about you. So, I need you to put your trust in Me. Trust Me in the midst of this storm. Trust Me when you cannot see your way.


Turn it all over to Me. I know you cannot see what I am doing. However, you should trust Me enough to know that I know what I am doing. I am moving things behind the scene getting things ready for you. Do not be dismayed just because it does not happen the way you want it to happen. After all My ways are much different from your ways. That is why you must trust Me to work things out for you. Remember the last trial you went through when you did not think you were going to make it through, and out of nowhere a door opened up for you? That was Me. Ah yes, now you remember. So, can you trust Me? It is going to work out.


Meditate on My Word: Proverbs 3:5-6


My Prayer Confession, Father, I make this my declaration. I will lean and depend upon You. I will not be dismayed whenever trials and tribulations try to make me doubt Your word. You have taught me to leave things in Your hands and know that You are working things out for me.  I know that You love me and want only the best for me. I will trust in You.



Wait on the Lord


I heard you say you are feeling like you are at a standstill. You say you cannot move forward, and it appears as if everyone else is moving on. Everyone, except you. Why are you trying to compete with everyone else? You are where I need you to be, and you are not standing still. You cannot begin to imagine what is happening in the spirit realm in order for you to take the next step. Nothing is standing still. If only you could see the things that I am doing for you. Each step in this journey is significant for your walk with Me. Do not focus on your circumstantial goals, because these are only temporal. What is most important is that I become your main goal. Always let your fellowship with Me to be your first priority. Must I remind you to continue to seek the Kingdom of God first? Of course not, you know this right?


Stop, wait. What are you trying to do? I know your heart is stirred to act, and you are tempted to hurry the process; but please do not, wait on Me. I do not need you to force anything to happen. I know you want to help; I do not need you to do anything. I do not need you to cover for Me. I do not want you to interfere with My plan. Must I remind you again, about what happened to Abraham and Sarah when they tried to help me out? Wait for Me. I know what I am doing. Wait until you clearly hear My voice and then move. I trusted you, now I need you to trust Me. You are in a perilous time where any move you make will be most important. Therefore, you must not allow your flesh to rise up and dictate your moves. The enemy is waiting for you to act in the flesh. Remember that which is of the flesh will surely die and come to naught. Stay prayerful and wait on Me.


Soon, on My timing you will take the next step, but be ready to take it. If you believe you must do something; then work on getting yourself ready to receive the blessing, and let Me work on bringing it to pass. That should keep you busy for a while don’t you think? Wait on Me, I am always right on time.


Meditate on My Word: Psalm 27:14


My Prayer Confession: I am committed to waiting on You. Sometimes it is hard to wait, but I’ve learned not to do it my way. You've always been there just when I needed you the most. Thank you Jesus!



Trust In Me

My Child,


There are things going on in your life that has caused your faith in Me to waver. At times, you even wonder to yourself if I still love you. Why is this? How can you ever think that I don’t love you? I am the one who supplies all your needs. It was for you that I hung, bled, and died. What has caused your heart to feel this way? Why won’t you tell Me? I want you to know I am concerned about you, and everything that you go through. I am watching all you do, and nothing has gone unnoticed. Please place your trust in Me. You are an important part of My body. Do not be discouraged, and do not be dismayed. Do not stop calling out to Me. I am with you; I will not leave you alone.


When the enemy comes against you, don’t stop rejoicing and sending praises up in My Name. This shows Me how much you trust Me even in the midst of what you are going through. Allow Me to abide in the areas where you are weak. It is My desire to make you strong. I will make you a fortress that the enemy will never break through; then I will pour blessings into you that you will not be able to contain. Trust in Me and serve Me in the way I have called you to serve Me. I want you to hunger and thirst for more of Me because I have so much more I want to pour into you. The testimony I seek is more than your words; it is your lifestyle. Now, step aside and allow My glory to pour into your life. Trust in Me. Yes, My Child, complete trust is what I need from you My child.


Meditate on My Word:  Psalm 37:3

My Prayer Confession, Father, I confess at times when things get a little stressed I forget to whom I belong; I forget who My Father is. Therefore, I ask Your forgiveness, Lord for not trusting You as I should. And I stretch out in faith and look to you, the Author and Finisher of my faith for strength. I bless Your Holy Name, and I love You and trust in what You are doing in my life. I lift up Your Holy Name.



Do Not Doubt My Word… Trust Me


Once again, doubt and unbelief stopped you from living a victorious life. You know they are not your friends, why do you allow them to interfere in your life? The enemy sent them to you to convince you I would not deliver on My promises. He wants you to take back your confession of faith and fight the battle yourself. Don’t you dare! This battle is Mine! Leave your burdens with Me and trust that I am able to supply all your needs. Do not ever doubt Me. I am greater than the mountains you face. Trust Me to do more than fight the battle; trust Me to win the battle. Take your thoughts captive and turn them into a positive statement of trust in ME. You must conquer doubt and unbelief with faith.


This trial of your faith you are going through is your training ground. It is not meant to destroy you; it is to strengthen you. Learn to lean upon Me, and to trust Me completely. It is time you put doubt and unbelief under your feet! Declare and decree that you will trust in Me even when your back is against the wall. Take authority over the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ! 


Command things to line up according to My word. Do not allow the enemy to have access to any area of your life. Fill yourself to overflowing with the Word of God. Remember, oil and water don't mix. Therefore, you cannot mix faith and trust, with doubt and unbelief; it will not work. When doubt has a place in your life, faith cannot operate. Faith cannot operate with reasoning. Faith operates with complete trust in Me.


You must believe in Me when I say, “If thou can believe, all things are possible.” You must believe that you can do all things through Christ Jesus, who strengthens you. Declare these statements aloud daily. Say them until they saturate your spirit. Remember, the enemy can only operate when you let him. Shut him out. Arise above the things, which hold you captive. Arise and be victorious over all the enemies of your soul! Arise, I say!


Meditate on My Word: Mat. 21:21, Mark 9:23, Php. 4:13


My Prayer Confession, Thank You for a blessed time such as this. Yes, it is time to put doubt and unbelief under my feet, and stop giving enemy access to my life. I will rise up in the authority You have imparted in me and make changes in my life.



Have Confidence in Me


The ways of the world have worn you down, and you have little, if any reserves left for yourself. That is why I am not surprised to find you weeping in the midnight hours. The enemy whispered in your ear and told you your faith is weak, and that I will not do what I have promised you. He wants you to believe you were mistaken, and that you did not hear from Me. He is telling you to give up. However, if you know if you listen to him, I will have no joy in that.


I know the promise you have been waiting for has not manifested yet. However, I want you to know what you seek is only delayed, it has not been denied. I asked you to trust in Me, to patiently wait with confidence on your promise, and be encouraged. I know the pressure has been strong, and the times have been so long you feel as though you just can’t do it anymore. Nevertheless, just as I was with Moses at the Red Sea, I am with you supporting you right now. I am working faithfully to bring you to victory. Look up, and rejoice, for I am God, and I will keep My promise. I say to you again, trust in Me and in doing so have confidence in Me. I will show up. I have not missed an appointment, and I never will.


Meditate on My Word: Psalm 27:13-14


My Prayer Confession, Heavenly Father, I will be confident in Your Holy Word and know You will watch over your word to perform it. I will take a stand and know when I am weak You are strong, and You will show up and show out on my behalf.




Put Your Hope in Me

You may not always be aware of My presence, but I am always aware of yours. I am with you and constantly working for your good. I know what you need even before you ask Me. I know right now that you are going through some circumstances that seem to be so overwhelming you feel you can’t make it. However, know I am with you in the midst of what you are going through. You have nothing to fear. What you are going through will never overtake you. I will not allow it; I am still in control. I want you to learn to put your hope in Me.


Do not allow your circumstances to have power over you or steal your joy. You have worked too hard for the joy that is in your life. I promised you, My peace, and joy no matter what is going on in your life. It is a peace that surpasses all understanding, and it is for you to have now. Believe I AM your provider. Believe I AM your joy. Oh, Precious one, just keep your hope in Me, and your worry and fears will leave you. Turn over to Me that which is troubling you and watch as I saturate it with My peace. It’s My desire for you to walk in My supernatural peace and in the fullness of My joy, knowing that I am faithful to bring My glory into your situation. Put your hope in Me, and you will not be disappointed.

Meditate on My Word: Rom. 12:12, Psalm 25:2


My Prayer Confession, Oh Father, You are my hope, and I refuse to allow any situation or circumstances to destroy my happiness. You are greater than any situation or circumstance that I will ever face, for I know greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. My hope, my trust, my everything is in You




I Will Deliver You Through the Storm


Don’t you  know I have chosen and called you, and I will protect you every step of the way? Even when you walk through the fire and the rain, I will be with you. So, what causes you to fear this storm that is upon you now? Quiet your spirit. Yes, you must get your spirit still. Seek My face; remain silent, and wait upon Me. I will speak to your heart My will for your life. Yes, be still, and wait for Me. I will fill you with the wisdom and knowledge you need for what lies ahead. You do not have to fear this storm or any storm; I am in control.


Selah. Be still and oh, so quiet and you can hear My voice. If you remain in My secret place, I will keep you safe from the storm. I AM your refuge, your strength, a very present help in the time of trouble. My Child, draw near to Me, and never turn away. Be still and watch what I will do on your behalf, for I have you safe in the palm of My hand. I am your shelter from the storm. Even though you cannot see a clear way out of these adverse circumstances, I can. The enemy wants you to believe all hope is gone. However, you must stand on My word and know that I AM able to deliver you through every trial you face. What the enemy meant for evil, and what he thought would destroy you will backfire on him.


Oh, be still. The winds and waves will prepare you and strengthen your faith for the journey. When you do not understand what is going on around you, trust that I do. And you are going through part of My perfect plan and timing. I AM stretching you in your faithfulness so you will trust Me no matter what you see in the natural. Therefore, I encourage you to be still and quiet before Me, no matter what you hear or see. I will keep you safe from the storm. Shhh…. Yes, be still and quiet. I will deliver you through the storm. Trust Me.


Meditate on My Word:  Psalm 84:4


My Prayer Confession, Thank you for delivering me through my storms. I know this will not be the last storm, but You have taught me how stand and fight the good fight of faith, and to wait for Your promises. I know You are my Deliverer and will be with me in the midst of my storms.



Wait For Me


You are experiencing hardships and trials that you have never encountered, and they have caused you to feel like you have reached the end of your rope. The storms have worn you down, and your prayers appear to be falling on deaf ears. However, I say to you, trust in My word, trust in My grace, and wait for Me. I love you and I have seen every tear you have shed. I have heard every cry, even when spoken in anger. I understand what you are going through, and My mercy and compassion is with you. You want to walk away and give up; because you do not feel blessed like your friends, and you think I have forgotten about you. You know that is a lie from the enemy.


Right now, this very moment you must rise up and rebuke those lies in the Name of Jesus! Hold on and have faith in My word. I AM Jehovah Jireh, your Provider. Call out to Me, talk to Me. Tell Me exactly how you feel. Tell Me this battle is too much for you. Tell Me you have come to the end of yourself, and surrender it all to Me. Release everything you are going through to your Father; then recognize this is not the end of the road. No, this is the beginning of a new day. Now, that you have released it to Me, I can do what I have been trying to do in your life. Now, I can bring complete healing and deliverance to you. I know it is hard, but you are going to come out of this. If you wait for Me, I promise you will receive your healing and deliverance. You will be set free from all that was trying to overcome you and destroy you. Wait for Me. I will be there for you. Nothing is impossible for Me! Please believe in Me again. Do not turn away from Me. Believe in My love, My goodness, My healing and delivering power just once more. I promise I will not fail you.


Meditate on My Word: Psalm 27:14


My Prayer Confession, O Lord, I thank you for being there for me during my moments of weakness. I promise to wait for You and hold on during the hard times. I know with you all things are possible. I believe in Your Goodness, Your Love, and I know You will deliver right on time. I trust You Lord; I trust you with all my heart. Yes, I do.



Trust My Guidance and Never Fear


I know you are still experiencing suffering and sorrow at this present time. Never fear, I am your Father. I will be with you always. I will not leave you nor forsake you. Move in My strength and stay suited up in the armour I provided for you to wear. As you walk through your valley, I will be right by your side, letting no evil come near you or your dwelling place. I want you to listen very closely to what I am saying in this hour. Do not doubt My word; stand strong and listen for My guidance. I will not fail you; I will uphold you, My child, so fear not; all is well. Fear is of the enemy; it is not of Me. Abide not in it.


Trust in Me for all things. At this moment, I am sharpening your discernment. Ask of Me for spiritual interpretation, and I will give it to you. Be ready for learning it will come to you quickly. Allow your mind to be transformed by what I am saying to your spirit. Spend time in My presence more and more each day. Spending time with Me will eliminate any fear that is trying to overtake your spirit. It will also block those anxious thoughts, which trouble your spirit at night. Abide with Me, for there is no fear with Me. Move in the leading of My Spirit. Praise Me continually. Pray without ceasing, I am with you. Know who you are in Me and know that all is well. Trust Me. Listen for my guidance and never fear.


Meditate on My Word: 2 Timothy 1:7


My Prayer Confession, Oh Praise Your Holy Name! Lord, I make this My confession, no longer will I give into the spirit of fear. Yes, I have gone through some hard times, but I praise you for bringing me through them. I am stronger because of them. I am suited up and standing on Your Holy Word, knowing that no matter what I am going through You are with me. I trust Your guidance and the direction the Holy Spirit is leading me.



Trust In Me Completely 


I AM calling you to trust in Me completely. It is time you stop listening to the lies of the enemy, and stop repeating the lies he whispers in your ears. When he tells you he is in control of your situation, and that I will not heal your body, turn a deaf ear to him. You know what he is telling you isn’t in My word. I understand it is hard for you to believe for your healing when you are in pain. However, how will you receive your healing if you do not believe when you pray? Claim your healing by faith in My name.


You have come so far, what causes you to doubt Me now? I know you do not understand My ways. My ways are so much higher than your ways. That’s why I said to trust Me; lean on Me, acknowledge Me, and I will direct your paths. So, why not lean on Me, and allow Me to guide you through this? Give this to me, I can handle it. Do not allow your daily trials to cause you to lose focus. I want you to look past them and realize that I AM doing a new thing in you. I AM purifying your heart, and in the process, I AM pulling up to the surface all the impurities that were lying dormant. I am removing the things even you forgot about. Let Me have control, and know that I will do a good thing in you. Trust Me, I will complete the work I started in you. I will make you whole. It will be done in My timing. Your life will be a testimony to others of My faithfulness to those who endure until the end. Remember, it is the fire of My love, and it will not harm you. Trust in Me Completely, it will be all right.


Meditate on My Word: Pro. 3:5-6


My Prayer Confession, Thank you Lord for teaching me to trust in You completely. Yes, Lord it has been hard to believe I am healed when I feel the pain still in my body. I know the enemy wants me to confess I have not been healed, but praise Your Holy Name; I am going to stand and confess the word of the Lord over my life. In the Name of Jesus, no longer will I confess doubt. I am praising You in advance for my healing; I am praising You as I take my medicine, and claiming by Your stripes I am healed!!!



Trust Me, the Storm Will End


I come unto you this day to heal, restore, and to bring you closer into My presence. It does not matter how the storm may rage around you; I am The One who is always in control. You must trust Me to the end no matter how hard the storms are raging in your life. Always remember, the trial you are going through; this thing that has come to test your faith will end. My child, trust Me, the storm you are facing will end. You must be ready to go on trusting even unto the last hour. I will make a way when you cannot see your way. I want you to rely on Me alone. Trust in My Spirit, not in what you see. Trust; fear not, and know I am able to do what I promised.


What is it, you fear? Do not listen to what others are telling you. Listen only to My voice, only My voice. Stand on what you know to be true. Do you remember the last miracle I performed in your life? How you marveled at what I did? You said, "I can't believe Jesus did that." But I did, did not I? My Child, I will do it again. I took what you saw as impossible and made it possible. So, why do you wonder if I am able to provide? Oh My child, I say unto you this day, please take time to remember the blessings of the past, and do not worry. I have spoken unto the storms and commanded them to cease! That storm shall be no more. I am pouring forth upon you a sweet and gentle rain; it shall renew, strengthen, and breathe new life into you. Embrace what I am doing; do not resist. I need you to trust in Me until the end. I will provide; haven’t I always provided for you? Trust Me the storm will end.


Meditate on My Word: Isaiah 43:2


My Prayer Confession, Father, I thank you for being with me and delivering from the raging storm. Oh, Lord. I confess it was rocky, and like Peter, I looked at the waves instead of keeping my eyes on You when the winds started blowing. But Praise God, hallelujah, and just like Peter, I remembered to call on Your Name; you heard my cry and saved me. I am speaking to the storms in my life by faith, I say PEACE BE STILL!


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