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Read and be blessed as you read these inspirational books filled with words to not only inspire you, but to strengthen and encourage you as you walk with the Lord. 

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Love Is Looking For You...Are You Ready?
The book is filled with true and heartfelt stories to remind the single ladies that the Lord hasn’t forgotten them, and He is waiting for them to prepare themselves to receive the special person that He has created just for them. It was written to keep single ladies encouraged on their journey through the dating and waiting seasons in their life.  It will inspire them to hold on and recognize that the journey they’re on is one of faith. The book will make them aware of the many opportunities that are available to them and will encourage them to embrace their singleness with joy in their heart as they wait with expectation for the blessing the Lord has for them.
Where Peaceful Waters Flow

This devotional is filled with God’s loving words to us.  They are written in His voice as if you are alone spending time with Him at His feet allowing the Master to minister, revive, and feed your weary and wounded soul with encouraging and refreshing words to change your mourning into gladness, your darkness into day.

Use this book during your quiet with the Lord, and allow Him to have His way as you sit with Him each day.  Make it your special time with the Lord, where you shut out everything and everybody just to hear His still small voice.  That’s so important in walking with the Lord. As you allow the Lord to come into your quiet conversation each and every day, your relationship with Him will grow more intimate and much stronger. You will find yourself handling things easier because you’ve spent time with Him first. You’ve given Him your “first fruits” of your day. You see, it's not always about the money, it’s about honoring God with your very best.  Giving God your very best will enrich your life in a way in which you’ve never known.  You will find yourself better prepared to handle any situation and circumstance you have to face because of the time you have spent time with Him first.

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When My Heart Is Overwhelmed
“When My Heart Is Overwhelmed” is a 365-day, word of encouragement devotional, that will minister to you and help you to count it all joy by reminding you that even when you feel overwhelmed, the Lord will lead you on the path you should take. 
As you read and meditate on the words in this devotional, I encourage you to take some time to listen to what the “Still Small Voice” ministers to you. Many have shared with me that the words minister to them and address the situations they are enduring on that day.  Perhaps the Holy Spirit will share a word with you that will minister to you and allow you to encourage others and inspire them to spend time in His presence, learning to hear His still small voice as you have.  




Shh! God Is Trying To Tell You Something


One Blessed Reader says, “WOW! IT SO MOVED ME!”

This book has so touched me. I really feel our Heavenly Father is trying to talk to me. It's a daily devotional which makes you look at different scriptures, too. Then you can write a small journal entry. What is God trying to tell you? Have you been hearing His still voice? Talk about a blessing. It reminds me of Jesus calling and God calling daily devotionals. I have started keeping a prayer journal. God talks to us in different ways - through the Bible first, then through other people, books, in our hearts, and even through animals. You never know. Just Be Still and know He is God... It can be anywhere, whether at home, the bathroom (that's my prayer room) at work, in your car, the park. He calls to us all, but it's up to us if we want to listen to our Heavenly Daddy

it is written ebook.jpg
It Is Written 

DEFEATING the enemy with the WORD of the LORD

It Is Written by Shearon Hurst will fill your heart with the truths and promises of God’s Word. Because when you speak the Word, it comes forth with power and brings about remarkable success in every area of your life.

For there is great power in the spoken Word of the Lord, and Shearon has the gift of channeling these Words, making them accessible and applicable to any challenge you may face. This inspiring book of biblical interpretation and heartfelt devotions will remind you of how Jesus used the Word to defeat satan, heal the sick, and set free those who were bound by the enemy.

It Is Written will encourage you, strengthen you, lift you up, and set you on fire to destroy the works of the enemy coming against you.  As you read and pray through this book with a believing heart––and speak the Words––you will realize the Holy Spirit is speaking through you and His Word, just as effectively as when Jesus Himself spoke.

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